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Bailey's Misadventures

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Jan 15

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Hi everyone, we took the weekend to let everything sink in.

Here’s my sweet, sassy, vocal Bailey. While we are still hobbling around, she’s in really good spirits. And bit a more vocal than she has been in the recent weeks, so I take it that means the pain meds and CBD oil have been helping her with the pain.

She’s napping on the floor right now, but time to wake her up for some dinner


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Jan 11

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

We have good news, and bad news.

The good is that Bailey is home, safe and sound with us.

The bad news is unfortunately the surgery did not happen. X rays were done prior to the surgery and very sadly the tumor has spread further into her shoulder since her last x ray on Dec 29th. Far too deep to successfully remove with the amputation. As a family, consul from the vet, and close friends we decided the best decision is to not to put her through surgery and recovery since we cannot successfully remove the tumor. As she is still her happy self, mobile and doing normal activities, we will continue to give her her very best life while we can. We will monitor her quality of life and when that declines we will make the tough decision. Until then she will be happy and loved. And with the help of pain medication and CBD oil we will help her with pain as much as we can.

This is not the turn out we were hoping for but we knew this was a possibility, it came sooner than we thought and we hate it. But we love her with everything and will continue to do so.

Thank you so much again, we love you. And I’m going to snuggle the crap out of this girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jan 10

Tomorrow is the day (or today depending on your time zone, it’s 9:30p here in Ca) Bailey is passed out, snoring on the floor, and I am watching The Greatest Showman in attempt to keep me calm. But, I’ll be grabbing a melatonin before bed.

There’s a lot of feelings.. nerves, excitement, anxiety, hope, relief, and a lot of haziness.

One thing I can say, I cannot believe the support and love from this community. It really is something else. We’ve had people we don’t know reach out or donate. Others have sent Bailey’s or my Instagram page to share with other survivors. My heart is so full with all the compassion.


Goodnight everybody, we will update you after surgery.


Bailey and mama

Here is Bailey’s Instagram, we’re faster to post on there.

Jan 08

Well this weekend I mulled over the options and questions, while I was not busy petting Bailey to her deepest desires. After speaking with my family, my mom, brother, and my aunt. All are huge roles in Bay’s life. We, along with the vet, have decided for sure to go with amputation… It’s a scary time, but I will say I feel relieved knowing it’s on the schedule and she’ll be getting the treatment soon. We’re set for Thursday. This vet is great and was able to get us in right away.

I’ve spoken to a few dog mom’s who have had to go through this as well. It’s so nice to talk to someone who has been through this to help guide you and answer questions. That’s how I found out about this community also.

Bailey is currently sprawled out at my feet, hardcore sleeping.


Also, I’ve repurposed an old Instagram of mine and it’s now hers. You can check her out at @baileys.misadventures


Jan 04

My name is Salena, and I am creating this blog to connect and ask questions regarding cancer in dogs. My almost (birthday is Jan 26th) 8 year old chocolate lab named Bailey has osteosarcoma. There have been no decisions regarding amputation, or anything yet. Although, it seems to be the best direction to go in. I welcome any thoughts, feelings, experiences, anything! I am trying to gather thoughts and everything to make the best decision for Bailey and her quality of life.


What started as a limp, in her right front paw, the vet believes to be bone cancer. We tested for Valley Fever, as the two look similar on x rays. The blood work test for valley fever came back yesterday and is negative. So, now I am left with all sorts of thoughts, and feelings, and questions. A note pas full of gibberish thus far.

PLEASE help us through this trying time.

I’ll post some photos of Bailey tonight and more when I get home. I apologize I am new at this and just thought I should get something up right away.