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Bailey's Misadventures

Jan 08

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Well this weekend I mulled over the options and questions, while I was not busy petting Bailey to her deepest desires. After speaking with my family, my mom, brother, and my aunt. All are huge roles in Bay’s life. We, along with the vet, have decided for sure to go with amputation… It’s a scary time, but I will say I feel relieved knowing it’s on the schedule and she’ll be getting the treatment soon. We’re set for Thursday. This vet is great and was able to get us in right away.

I’ve spoken to a few dog mom’s who have had to go through this as well. It’s so nice to talk to someone who has been through this to help guide you and answer questions. That’s how I found out about this community also.

Bailey is currently sprawled out at my feet, hardcore sleeping.


Also, I’ve repurposed an old Instagram of mine and it’s now hers. You can check her out at @baileys.misadventures


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6 comments so far

  1. benny55
    3:36 am - 1-9-2019

    Just catch up on your sweet Bailey. Love the pictures of her all comfy and smoochable 😚

    There is a sense of relief once you’ve done all your research and decide how to move forward.

    We’re with you the whole way, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Recovery is no picnic for a couple of weeks and proper pain management is crucial. Most dogs here come home with Gabapentin, Rimadyl and Tramadol. Rest ,and short leashed potty breaks and back kin for more rest. No jumping, no stairs, etc

    Drinking is important, as is peeing. Eating and pooping may be off for a few days. Some dogs are lethargic, some are restless and just came seem to get comfortable for a few days. Mobility may take a day or so, especially for a larger dogs.

    Is the Vet an overnight staffed clinic? Most dogs spend one night, sometimes two. Is an Orthopedic Surgeon doing the surgery?

    If you have hardwood floors, use nonslip scatter rubs for traction.

    Let us know when surgery is done, okay? We’ll all be cheering for Bailey!!

    Extra higs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • baileysmama
      5:39 am - 1-9-2019

      Thank you for all your information!! It’s so very helpful. It most definitely is, I am nervous and excited for her to start this new chapter in her and our lives.
      Thank you so much for the tips!
      I am not sure about being staffed overnight, but I will double check. I am assuming she will stay overnight. Yes, an orthopedic surgeon is doing the surgery.
      Sure will!

      Thank you! Sending love

  2. remysmom
    2:47 pm - 1-9-2019

    Hi Bailey’s Mom.
    Our Remy (who reminds me of your Bailey) is 2 months post-op amputation and he is doing amazing. The first week or so is scary because there is some oozing and you as pups parent worry about them. But after a bit, you just begin to realize that this is the same dog that I have always loved. Dogs are so much more resilient than we are. They just figure out how to get up and walk. We can learn a lot from these sweet ones. We are all here for you so don’t feel alone in this journey.

    Take care of yourself as well.

    • baileysmama
      5:29 am - 1-10-2019

      Hi Lynn,

      I’m so glad to hear Remy is doing well! Hahah thank you for the tip. Otherwise, I’d be blowing up my vet trying to figure out what is going on.I’m already so amazed with everyone else’s stories, it’s incredible to hear most are walking within 12 hours of surgery.

      Thank you so much!

  3. danielle
    9:38 pm - 1-9-2019

    Baily is a beauty and her luck is great. You have the support of your family and the members of this community. They helped me in ways I can not measure, when I found myself in your position. Sally has GREAT advice and the only thing I can add is something I discovered on my journey. To ensure that my boy ate after his procedure, I gave him boiled chicken breast with white rice. I didn’t add salt or anything to the water as I (slowly) boiled the chicken, and saved all of the broth. After it cooled I poured it in ice cube trays and froze them. Gerry LOVED his chicken cubes! It made me feel better because I knew he was getting the hydration he needed. Sweet potatoes are also another yummy food for dogs, and again, I saved the water and froze it too, although chicken were his favorite. I also ordered him a new orthopedic bed with a three sided bolster, so that he could sit up with extra support on his back. LL Bean carries them, but you can find them other places I’m sure. Keep breathing deep breathes when it feels like too much. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Danielle

    • baileysmama
      5:32 am - 1-10-2019

      Thank you so much Danielle, Gerry is a cutie! Ooooh okay, I bet she would love that. Thank you for the tip.
      I sure am trying so far, I have a feeling when I get into the car after I hand her off to the vet I am going to be a HUGE mess. Thank you so much. We will update everyone as we can!

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