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Bailey's Misadventures

Jan 11

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We have good news, and bad news.

The good is that Bailey is home, safe and sound with us.

The bad news is unfortunately the surgery did not happen. X rays were done prior to the surgery and very sadly the tumor has spread further into her shoulder since her last x ray on Dec 29th. Far too deep to successfully remove with the amputation. As a family, consul from the vet, and close friends we decided the best decision is to not to put her through surgery and recovery since we cannot successfully remove the tumor. As she is still her happy self, mobile and doing normal activities, we will continue to give her her very best life while we can. We will monitor her quality of life and when that declines we will make the tough decision. Until then she will be happy and loved. And with the help of pain medication and CBD oil we will help her with pain as much as we can.

This is not the turn out we were hoping for but we knew this was a possibility, it came sooner than we thought and we hate it. But we love her with everything and will continue to do so.

Thank you so much again, we love you. And I’m going to snuggle the crap out of this girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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10 comments so far

  1. benny55
    4:44 am - 1-12-2019

    Well this isn’t what I expected to hear at all! I know your head must be spinning after all the up and down emotions you’ve been thr rhe past many days. Tl hear that piece of crap disease spread so quickly further to her shoulder is quite a ahock.

    And then we look at the sweet picture of Bailey and realize nothing is changed in her world because of any ole’ xray. All she knows his she’s get more spoiled and more attention than she ever thought possible!!!

    Bailey feels just fine, she happy and she’s still enjoying her sweet self! And she has no intention of doing anywhere anytime soon!!!

    As you know, Bailey doesn’t have a timeframe stamped anywhere on her butt and she sure doesn’t count days on a calendar! She just flows effortlessly fron one glorious moment of loving and spoiling to the next!

    Keep us posted on how she’s doing and share all the ways you have come up with to spoil her…..and woth pictures of course!!!

    I’m goi g yo “paste” a couple of options you can discuss with her Oncologist that we’ve seen when amputation isn’t always an option. It’s from an article by Dr Joann Intile (okay, can quite remember correct spelling of her name). We’ve seen some of these treatments used here with good results.

    So, here are the sugge:

    Stereotactic radiation therapy is a newer form of radiation available at some university and referral hospitals. This form of radiation is more localized for treating the tumor while sparing the normal tissue surrounding the tumor, therefore less likely to cause some of the side effects listed above.

    Bisphosphonates are intravenous or oral medications used to treat bone pain in dogs. Drugs in this class were developed to prevent osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. They work to inhibit bone resorption, which is one of the main sources of pain in bone cancer. These medications are extremely well tolerated, with minimal to no side effects, and when used as a sole treatment options, are successful in relieving pain in 40 percent of patients.

    Cheering for our beautiful Bailey!!

    Extra higs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • baileysmama
      3:25 am - 1-15-2019

      Thank you so much, yes it has been an absolute whirlwind of emotions. I took the weekend to just relax and take everything in. I appreciate your words so much, they are so kind!!!

      Thank you, I will look into them.

  2. Black lab love
    5:14 am - 1-12-2019

    There is also an osteosarcoma vaccine trial for dogs. I do not know if there a chance Miss Bailey could get included.

    • baileysmama
      3:25 am - 1-15-2019

      Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. jerry
    6:22 am - 1-12-2019

    Ohhhh noo guys, I am so sorry to read this pupdate. What a terrible shock, and such a difficult, heartbreaking place to be.

    As Sally said, Bailey doesn’t have an expiration date, she could very well live on with a great quality of life for longer than anyone thinks possible. We hope with all our hearts that she does.

    Your sweet girl still has much to teach this crazy world about making the most of life. Follow her lead. Love life through adversity. Be more dog! Know that today is all we have, and tomorrow is never a guarantee, with or without cancer. Bailey is such a great teacher of these important lessons.

    And know that we are here for you throughout your journey. Please let us know how things are going OK? We are keeping you in our hearts.

    • baileysmama
      3:27 am - 1-15-2019

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more!! And I intend on giving her the fullest life possible! Yes of course

  4. Erica Trimmer
    10:40 pm - 1-12-2019

    Sending you much love and comfort. What a beautiful pup. I know you have some more happy adventures ahead with Bailey!

    • baileysmama
      3:27 am - 1-15-2019

      Thank you so very much!

  5. paws120
    4:02 pm - 1-13-2019

    Bailey looks wonderful! I saw her Instagram video and she is doing so well being a beautiful spoiled pup 💘
    I am so glad you got advice from people that can hopefully help you manage her comfort level and quality of life.
    Go Bailey!💘💘
    Jackie and Huck 💘

    • baileysmama
      3:30 am - 1-15-2019

      Thank you so much! Oh yes, she is absolutely taking her advantage of all the special treats

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